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Giveaways should never be overlooked when you’re planning your next charitable golf outing. What giveaways you provide your golfers signifies effort on your behalf while offering value added. The golf outing market has become very competitive with many charities getting into the golf fundraising game. Also, every year there are new not-for-profit organizations being formed and they too will soon catch on. So with that being said, you want to show your appreciation to your guests for supporting your charitable endeavor, while making a statement. The days of giving away a sleeve of golf balls and a tee pack are over! Tournament organizers have to think outside the box when determining a suitable goody bag that package a punch and creates that “wow factor” with your clientele. Some are seeking to provide a shopping experience where the players can actually pick from a variety of options to select a gift, or gifts, that makes them happy. We categorize this element of your golf event as “Before the 1st Tee.” This is when you create a great first impression with your guests. And we know you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  We have some Case Studies on our website that detail some of these unique shopping experiences called mobile pro shops. Check out this section for some pictures of giveaway ideas.

Nike Pro Tent

Some clients want to buy a duffle bag, cooler bag or tote which can double as a nice giveaway, as well as a bag of goodies. Something new, though, is a branded giveaway box which completely streamlines the gifting industry. There are ready-made boxes to choose from or items can be selected “ala carte” style. Another great feature of these boxes, besides everything being done for you, a personalized letter from your organization is included in every box. This is a great way to say “thank you” for attending. Or create some gift boxes for prizes for the golfing winners!

Giveaways can be a variety of different things. Some items are donated and some need to be purchased. Charities with good resources and committees may be able to lean on some of these relationships to get some promotional items at little to no cost. This can add value and fill a goody bag in addition to a purchased gift or giveaway package. Think about what your guests may want and ask yourself this question, “What’s the hot new item that people are using either on the golf course or in everyday life.” Brainstorm with your golf committee to find answers to some of these types of questions.

Check out our Gallery for examples of branded boxes and shopping experiences. Contact Us with questions regarding a giveaway program that fits within your budget. Our relationships in the industry allow us to offer the latest trends at affordable pricing. The giveaways you provide your guests add to the overall event experience. From our experience, satisfied guests traditionally spend more when their support is appreciated. In turn, they show their appreciation which turns into more funds donated to your cause and long-term support of your annual golf event. Good luck!


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