Custom 3D Tournament Tee Markers add a finishing touch to any golf event & offer great exposure for any sponsor. Raise more money by offering an exclusive sponsorship with maximum visibility. We work with many charities and they all love the concept and the way the tee markers elevate the image of their golf event. We brand the tee markers with your charity logo and color scheme & utilize the other panel for the sponsor’s logo. Your golfers will become familiar with both logos by the end of the round seeing all 36 tee markers, 2 per hole. For those who may not know what a tee marker is, tee markers define where the golfers will hit their tee shots from. Typically all golf events use the standard golf course tee markers. With our exclusive concept, golfers would be looking for these great tee markers as they approach each teeing area knowing which tee box they’re playing from, your tournament tee markers. These beautiful tee markers would carry both sponsor logo and charity logo, one on each side. Think about having these great tee markers at any golf event. They’re great for member events, club events, special promotions, amateur tours & charity events. Feel free to discuss with us on this blog. We’re here to help your organization raise more money and creat more brand awareness.


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