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Pin Flags can add a nice dimension for your charity golf event. Many outings don’t sell pin flags, sometimes due to the lack of resources or lack of knowledge on the subject. Here are 3 ways you can sell pin flags to potential sponsors and donors to increase revenue while generating a special keepsake item.

  1. Exclusive Sponsorship – A great way to attract a sponsor is to give them exclusivity for becoming the Pin Flag Sponsor. Taking this approach, your charity would provide 18 pin flags, one for every hole, with the sponsoring company’s logo on them. In doing so, your asking price for this sponsorship can be much higher since this offers maximum visibility. For any business, it’s all about brand recognition, and golfers will recognize the sponsor’s logo by the end of the day since they’re seeing it “during the match.”  The flags would be used instead of the country clubs flags as long as the hosting venue has received them at least 24 hours prior to your golf event, or as we say, “before the 1st tee.”  Go for it!
  2. Individual Pin Flags – Selling individual pin flags has its benefits also. Pin flags can be easily given to a sponsor after your outing serving as a special “thank you’ for their support. In addition, if a larger price tag is not attainable, then a smaller price sponsorship for individual flags is the way to go.
  3. Signed Pin Flags for Auction – If you are running a celebrity golf event or have a few celebrities in attendance, printing a few custom pin flags specific to your charity and country club venue can be a great way to raise a few extra dollars. By auctioning off a handful of autographed pin flags, signed at your event, you are offering anyone a special, unique keepsake.

Golf Event Planning provides pin flags for many charity golf events. Our pin flags are all made custom to your charity and your specific event needs. We print, stitch, sew, add grommets and insert a tube to be easily interchanged on the golf course’s flagpoles. You tell us what you need and we get it done.

We hope you find this information helpful. Please feel free to give us your feedback or contact us with any questions. We would love to hear from you. Tell us about your golf event. On behalf of our Golf Event Planning team, we want to wish you good luck in your fundraising efforts.




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